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PREVENTION is the only Solution: You can’t always stop a zero-day keylogger from getting onto an endpoint, however EndpointLock CAN STOP the zero-day keylogger from stealing your keystrokes. Cybercriminals will always find ways to dupe unsuspecting employees and other endpoints into clicking on infected links that download keyloggers onto their device. ACS Endpointlock Keystroke Encryption eliminates the ability of a keylogger to capture keystrokes on your device, even those not yet discovered by antivirus, antispyware and firewalls. Endpointlock’s patented keystroke encryption uses ACS Keystroke Transport Layer Security (KTLS™) protocol to route your keystrokes around the vulnerability (where keystrokes normally travel and the keyloggers sit waiting to capture every word you type). With keystroke encryption installed at every endpoint, you are protected even if a keylogger gets onto a device. ACS Patented EndpointLocK Keystroke Encryption

• Eliminate keylogger capture of credentials wherever EndpointLock is installed. 

• Block Screen Capture and Clickjacking with comprehensive EndpointLock protection.

• Available for Windows Desktop or Mobile (Apple and Android) on 2 devices for SecureKeyboard II and up to 4 devices for SecureKeyboard IV.

Mac version coming soon

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SecureKeyboard IV 4 Devices ($21.99/ mo)
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SecureKeyboard IV 4 Devices ($21.99/ mo)
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SecureKeyboard IV 4 Devices ($21.99/ mo)
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